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> << Actually, the entire Bible was originally written in the King's English
>  subsequently translated into the Greek we have now.  No one knows this
>  because after the translation was done, all the scribes and supporters
>  murdered to hide the evidence.
>  Sound ridiculous?  It's the same argument. >>
> Dear Paul (and Lamont)
> Actually, it's not the same argument. We know that the "King's English" is
> not a possibility, but Hebrew certainly is as it was in use during the
> when the NT docs were authored; therefore, the analogy given above is not
> good one.

Should I have used Akkadian?  Or Persian?  The point of the analogy was that
the theory, as stated, is unprovable, since you cannot prove a negative.  If
all the copies are gone and all the testimony to something's existence is
gone, then you can never advance beyond the theory, which is why so many
dismiss it out of hand.

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