1 John 1:9

Alan B. Thomas a_b_thomas at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 17 16:10:56 EDT 2001

This was stated...

> Does not the choice of the present
> indicate the way in which
> John at least anticipates that the action will
> occur?

I think what can be said about EAN hOMOLOGWMEN is
that the 3rd class conditional is not stating what
is generally the case, or what happens, as a rule,
when something else happens. Rather, I think the 
emphasis falls upon the inability for B to take 
place until, and only if/when, A takes place. 

This conditional is not setting up an argument, but
laying down conditions and consequences.

As to the Present tenses, while the very act of
confession is in progress, the faithfulness of God
is simultaneously granting forgiveness. 


Alan B. Thomas

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