Help on the Apostolic Fathers

Bart Ehrman behrman at
Thu Aug 16 16:32:01 EDT 2001

   My translation of the Apostolic Fathers for the Loeb Classical Library
(to replace Kirsopp Lake's volumes) is now in pretty good draft form.  I
have had one scholar kindly (without being asked or prompted!) offer to
look over my translation of the Shepherd of Hermas (far and away the
longest of the texts it takes up almost all of vol. 2) to check it for

   I wonder if there is anyone on this list who may be interested in doing
the same thing with any of the other texts (1 Clement, 2 Clement,
Ignatius, Polycarp, Barnabas, Didache, Martyrdom of Polycarp, Letter to
Diognetus. Fragments of Papias and Quadratus).  I'm sorry to say that
Harvard Press is not willing to pay an honorarium; I would though
acknowledge any serious help in my preface.

   Let me stress that I'm not looking for a beginning or intermediate
level Greek student who would like some practice, but someone who is both
expert in Greek and familiar with these texts and willing to put in the
time and effort.  I'd be much indebted.

   If anyone is interested, please reply off list (I will also be cross
listing this to Elenchus; if there are other lists that may be
appropriate, please let me know.)

-- Bart D. Ehrman
   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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