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Dear Clayton:

And all God's people said, "Amen."

En Xpistw

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III
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> A decade ago I did a detailed study of Jude and taught a class on it when
> was living in Astoria OR in the summer of 91. I have gone back several
> since then and looked at Jude again and my notes from my '91 study. It is
> marvelous little book.
> Two days ago I decided that my next NT project should be 2nd Peter. I
> printed off work sheets, pulled R. Bauckham (WBC) and J.B. Mayor off the
> shelf and launched off on what I thought was going to be a bit of a lark,
> you know easy stuff compared to Homer's Iliad and Sophocles.
> Well I got about as far as 2Peter 1:3-5 and found I was having a hard time
> reading it. I just keep looking at the text and finding different ways of
> analyzing the syntax. I did not consult any English translations, and have
> not as yet. After two days of working in the first chapter I took a look
> the introduction in R. Bauckham (WBC) to see what he had to say about the
> greek style of 2nd Peter.
> My suspicions were confirmed. 2Peter is not going to be a lark, and the
> which was slowing me down 2Peter 1:3-5 is one of the difficult ones.
> I have now managed to fit together most of the syntax of this short
> without cheating and looking it up in a commentary.
> This experience has been humbling in a good way. I was wondering if anyone
> else on b-greek was brought up short the first time the tried to just sit
> down and read this book?
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