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Sat Aug 11 09:57:13 EDT 2001

> [I respond]
> What BAGD are you getting this from?  My BAG (4th edition) defines it "a
> male homosexual, pederast, sodomite".
I apologize about the poor definition I gave.  I was simply trying to note
that all of my research lead to the ARSENKOITOS being translated as "male
homosexual, pederast, sodomite;" however, their is a group of scholars
(mainly DS Bailey, J Boswell, & R Scroggs) who translate/have translated
this word as "abusive homosexual partners, the effeminate call-boy,
male-prostitutes, pederasty" or other such "non-standard" reditions.  I was
only able to find works about them or about what they believed ARSENKOITOS
to be, and never what they actually wrote or believed.  That's what I meant
from the other side.

>>(And at this point, I think we've strayed so far from the Greek that it's
not profitable or even permissable to discuss it any >>further on the list.)

Let me reiterate what I said in the original posting.  I am not trying to
get into the theology of whether homosexuality is right or wrong.  I am
simply trying to open up the reasons for the alternative definitions.

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