Sequencing verb tenses

Sat Aug 11 00:15:44 EDT 2001

To All B-Greekers,

When we look at the tenses English grammar we find six. They are,Past tense, 
Present tense, Future tense, Past Perfect tense, Present Perfect tense and 
Future Perfect tense. We know in English grammar that a Past Perfect action 
takes place before all other past actions within a sentence. We also know 
that in English grammar, that the Future Perfect tense takes place before all 
other Future tenses. The question is, what do we know about NT Greek grammar 
in this respect of sequencing? Does a Pluperfect action tense take place 
before all other Past action tenses? Does a Future Perfect action in NT Greek 
grammar take place before all other merely Future tenses? Are there Past 
tenses in NT Greek that sequence each other? I have a whole lot of Greek 
grammar books but not a whole lot of answers. Can anybody help me?

Harry Jones
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