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[you write]
I fininshed a paper on I Timothy 1:1-12 about two months ago.  The hot-spot
of the passage is the translation of ARSENKOITOS (homosexual).  Without
getting myself thrown off the list, I would like to solocite some who
believe this word to mean something other than the BAGD definition (ie it
means an "abusive homosexual partner.")  I am NOT trying to start a
theological discussion of whether homosexuality is right or wrong.

[I respond]
What BAGD are you getting this from?  My BAG (4th edition) defines it "a
male homosexual, pederast, sodomite".

[You wrote]
The main problem is that it appears that Paul created the word from the
juxta-position of Leviticus 20:13, so it is difficult to go to secular Greek
and get a good definition of the word.

[I respond]
I believe it's more than appearance.  I researched the word a few years ago,
and I could find no occurrence of the word prior to Paul's use of it.
Furthermore, of the 97 occurrences I found in the TLG, I could find no
profane literature, even through the 10th century CE that used the term.  I
would say it's impossible to go to the secular Greek and get a good
definition since, to my knowledge, it was never used in secular Greek.

[You wrote]
During my studies of the passage, I only found commentaries, journal
articles, etc. that explained the other side.  I am interested in responses
from those that actually believe the other side or in links, books, etc.
that are from the other side.

[I respond]
Believe the other side of what?  What is this "other side" to which you
refer?  (And at this point, I think we've strayed so far from the Greek that
it's not profitable or even permissable to discuss it any further on the

If you want to discuss this privately, then email me, and I will tell you
what I learned from my research.

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