Three quick questions

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   Just a quick question, I am just about to finish Lambdin's textbook, 
other than going back and doing his exersizes again(which I will probably 
do), where would be a good place to go for more self study?
Many thanks,
Dave Reigle

Perhaps replies off list would be appropriate, since I'm taking a slightly 
off topic thread completely off!

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>I plan on learning the entire
>vocab for the Greek NT, but clearly I will have to
>cheat for Hebrew.<

Don't throw in the towel on Hebrew:
learn it like you would a living language and don't accept anything less
fluency and feeling at home in the text.
The one hint: traditonal methods will not produce this.
We had an observer at our Biblical 'ulpan' this summer with a PhD in Hebrew

(from Ox-bridge, I won't say which to protect anonimity). After one week of
students respond to Biblical Hebrew commands, light dawned, s/he realized
that the language was learnable and that it was not too late (even after a

Randall Buth

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