Matt 8:7

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on 8/10/01 8:21 AM, Iver Larsen wrote:

> All the translations I have checked interpret it as a straightforward
> statement: I shall come and heal him.
> My problem is that this does not fit with the fronted EGW, nor does it fit
> well with the context.


Actually it fits quite well with the context. The tension  in this pericope,
around which the action is developed, is the tension between Jesus
statement: EGW ELQWN QERAPEUSW AUTON and the centurion's reply. Without
Jesus' straight forward statement of intent to come to the centurion's house
the tension evaporates and the story looses its force.

I don't see what you are trying to make out of the fronted EGW. You will
need to expand on that a little. The presence of EGW is significant, it
makes explicit that Jesus intends to do this in person, he himself will come
to the centurion's house.The offer to come in person sets the stage for the
drama. It is against this backdrop that all the rest of the story makes
sense. But the position of EGW only highlights the significance of his offer
of personal presence.

I see no problem with the conventional understanding of this text. I think
it is correct.


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