ELEHSON [Matt 15:22 et al]

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> > ELEOS as a Greek word meaning "compassion" or "pity" is already found as
> > early as Homer; a scholiast on Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus says that
> > ELEOS was even worshipped as a deity in Athens.
> My old abbreviated back of the book lex is really bare bones, yet I am
> surprised that he [Zodhiates] missed the God ELEOS - [Any relation to
> hELIOS?] - in this word's origins.  I never did much study of Greek
> Mythology, so have not heard of ELEOS...  What kind of god was he?

That's right, George. ELEOS is not named as a god in the Greek myths. hHLIOS
is the ancient spelling for the sun god, and the closest I can get to ELEOS
is ELEIUS, who is sometimes thought to be hHLIOS in the ancient tales.
ELEIUS is the father of AUGEIAS, King of ELIS (whose cattle yard and
sheepfolds were cleaned up by Hercules in his fifth labor).

Richard Allan Stauch
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