John 20:17

Tony Costa tmcos at
Thu Aug 9 19:19:51 EDT 2001

Dear Friends,

  I had a question re: John 20:17, MH MOU hAPTOU. This is variously 
translated for example in the AV as "Touch me not" and in the NASB as "Stop 
clinging to Me" I did a word check on hAPTW and it is defined as "to fasten 
to", "adhere to" and also to kindle a fire to something. I heard a lecturer 
once say that it could also be translated "Do not detain me". I find this 
rather an odd translation. Can the text be properly translated "Do not 
detain me"? Does HAPTW carry this meaning at all? Many thanks.

                                             Tony Costa
                                             University of Toronto

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