The Third Day - te trite hemera

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Wed Aug 8 20:56:57 EDT 2001

I agree with the others that there's no grammatical issue here. The contextual issue is
what do you nominate as the "first" day - it could be week, month, year, reign, or any
other day you wish to nominate as a starting point. Mark 16:2 places the resurrection on
the first day of the week, and in 8:31 has Jesus stating that he would rise after three
days. Put the contextual evidence together and the "first" day is the Friday on which
Jesus dies, and the "third" day is the first day of the week (Sunday). Unless there had
been some incredible shift by the time Paul wrote to the Corinthians, I see no reason to
alter this schema. If Paul had meant "Tuesday" he probably would have simply written THi
TRITHi ("on the Third") which suffices as a designation for "Tuesday". THi TRITHi hHMERA
does not demand that we translate it as "Tuesday". In fact, the contextual evidence
demands otherwise.

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