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>To what extent can other issues, other background factors, other passages, 
>throw any light on our verse?

But John 18:10 surely illustrates that Peter was left-handed?
   >> Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it, struck the high priest's 
slave, and cut off his right ear. <<

I have a vivid memory of the late Raymond Brown asking someone in the front 
row to stand up, hold a ruler in his right hand and attempt to cut of 
Raymond's right ear -- almost impossible to do, as the rest of us could see.

So, if Peter _were_ left-handed, wouldn't it be natural for him to take the 
man by the right hand?

It seems to me that, given the ancient -- and persisting right down to our 
own days =- prejudices about left-handed people, it is easy to see why the 
tradition(s) should make such a point about Peter being left-handed.


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