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Randall Buth ButhFam at
Mon Aug 6 17:38:56 EDT 2001

shalom Clay, 

One of my "ulpan" teachers this summer was a beginning student in the ulpan

two years ago. Now he is speaking Biblical Hebrew in class and teaching it
'living language' methodologies very nicely and fluently. 
His morphology is 'internalized' and comes out automatically, (with the
of rare combination forms), He has a good handle on the pragmatics.  
vocab level is around 4000+ (biblical).  He enjoys reading Psalms  and 
Yesha`yahu. It is best rolled around in the mouth like a vintage red 
and appreciated. OK, he is an exceptional student. 

Just came back from a weekend in the Galilee where the class read 
Psalm 29 on Hermon, (among some other prose texts elsewhere in the
Galil). The psalm on the mountain is especially fun for students to see a 
poet tweek ba`alism between the lines.  Plus a stunning view across 
valleys/canyons on a quiet afternoon with a cool breeze. 

>Hebrew is not
easy at all. Take you 30 years to master it.<

Randall Buth

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