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I don't see how it could hurt, but I suspect that its usefulness would vary
in direct proportion to one's familiarity with reading Greek.  Another angle
(for those who know Hebrew) would be to take a crack at creating your own
Greek translation from Hebrew and comparing with the LXX.  I bring it up not
because I've tried it, but because I've heard of it as a class exercise.  I
have no idea how well it worked, though.

Trevor Peterson

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> I haven't tried this...yet...  But it seems to me that it might
> work quite well.
> Pick a text (say) from the NASB or NRSV and back translate it
> into Greek.  It will very likely be different.  So, figure out
> why.
> Something which may work even better is to back translate from
> a more idiomatic translation as the NIV or even CEV.  This will
> be more difficult, but it will force you to think more deeply
> regarding how the Greek language works.
> Might I suggest that an extensive amount of "doing Greek backwards"
> will make a substantial impact on one's ability to "think Greek."
> Thoughts anyone?
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