Richard Ghilardi qodeshlayhvh at
Sat Aug 4 09:07:39 EDT 2001

Dear b-greekers and Carl,


I do not mean to castigate Richard for sending this message to the list
(it's clear that it does concern issues of how the Greek Biblical text
legitimately be understood) but rather to ask that one of the co-chairs
contacted prior to the forwarding of such an item to the list. Usually in
the past we have asked list-members to post to the list a note about the
availability of such a document for review and urge interested members to
solicit the document off-list from the person offering the information.
really would like to avoid, if at all possible, the attachment of
to list-correspondence.


I apologize to Messrs. Conrad and Winberry for my breach of netiquette.
In the future I will get your permission before attaching documents
written by others to my posts. The only reason I made it an attachment in
this case was because, even in its abreviated form, it was quite lengthy.

Yours in His grace,

Richard Ghilardi -- qodeshlayhvh at
New Haven, CT USA
Nibai kaurno hwaiteis gadriusando in airtha gaswiltith,
silbo ainata aflifnith: ith jabai gaswiltith, manag akran bairith.

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