Richard Ghilardi qodeshlayhvh at juno.com
Sat Aug 4 08:38:14 EDT 2001

Dear b-greekers and Cindy,


I think that it is appropriate to at least identify the source of the 
questions in the document as Wayne Grudum, "An Open Letter to
Journal  for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (March 1998):1, 3-4.


Thanks Cindy for giving us the pertinent bibliographical info. The post I
received from my pastor only contained the name of the author. Knowing
nothing else I did not want to reveal the author's name onlist. My
intention is to give the full text of the "open letter" including the
author's name to anyone who requests it offlist. I was not trying to hide
his identity. Thanks also for the book recommendation.

Yours in His grace,

Richard Ghilardi -- qodeshlayhvh at juno.com
New Haven, CT USA
Nibai kaurno hwaiteis gadriusando in airtha gaswiltith,
silbo ainata aflifnith: ith jabai gaswiltith, manag akran bairith.

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