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"Sandra Hack Polaski" <shpolaski at btsr.edu> said:
> For example, the translation of PISTIS CHRISTOU in Gal. 2:16
> (subjective or objective genitive); or whether to translate
> PISTEUETE in John 14:1 as indicative or imperative.  (The idea is to
> help students see why they need to know Greek in order to interpret
> the New Testament.)

I assume you mean that knowing Greek helps provide the potential
choices and not so much that Greek helps to make the choice.

Anyway, you might get some mileage out of providing them some
plural `you' to work with. 

Luke 22:31 -- `you' is plural.  Satan wanted to sift them ALL.  But
Jesus' prayer focuses on Peter.

Luke 17:21 -- is it `within you' or `among y'all'

Phil 1:6 -- "a good work in you" or "a good work among you"  Can it be
            applied as "a good work in me as an individual?"

1 Cor. 3:16 -- the `you' is (or if you count the verb affix, are) plural.

There's also a fair number of idioms:  "Let your eye be single" 
(Mat. 6:22) though technically that's a Hebrew idiom.  I guess this
depends what you mean by "know Greek."

There's hendiadys (and the thanks here go to Wayne Leman.  Also, I
might add, I'm not sure I would say all of these are hendiadys and I 
think he might question some, too).  Nevertheless, here's a list:

Mark 2:25 in need and hungry = very hungry (Richard Young)
Matt. 6:26 for his oath's sake, and for their sakes which sat with him =
because of the vows Mark 4:16 the region and shadow of death = the dark 
of death (TEV)
he had made in front of all his guests (TEV)
Luke 2:47 intelligence and answers = intelligent answers (TEV)
Luke 7:11 his disciples and a large crowd = a large crowd of his disciples
Luke 21:15 a mouth and wisdom = a wise response, wise utterance (Danker)
Acts 1:25 ministry and apostleship = to minister as an apostle, service as
an apostle (TEV)
Acts 2:23 purpose and foreknowledge = prearranged plan (NLT), the
predestined course of God’s deliberate purpose (Moffat)
Acts 14:17 food and gladness = joy concerning (your) food (Danker)
Acts 23:6 the hope and resurrection of the dead = the hope of a 
(Danker), hope of the resurrection of the dead (NEB, Barclay)
Rom. 1;5 grace and apostleship = the privilege of being an apostle (TEV)
Eph. 1:17 wisdom and revelation = truly revealed wisdom (James Hilston,
Eph. 4:24 righteousness and holiness = truly holy (CEV)
Col. 2:8 philosophy and vain deceit = the worthless deceit of human wisdom
2 Tim. 1:10 life and immortality = immortal life (TEV)
Heb. 8:5 copy and shadow = shadowy copy (URL:
Heb. 12:28 with reverence and awe = very reverently (Richard Young)

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