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At 07:54 PM 9/18/00 -0400, Theodore H Mann wrote:
>Would someone be kind enough to provide me with a list of the specific
>Greek manuscripts used by Erasmus for the first edition of his Greek New
>Testament, if known?  Appreciated.

This is what I wrote for the TC-List several months back in response
to a question about the current location of the MSS Erasmus used:

Vaganay's INTRO TO NT TC (1986, Engligh trans. Heimerdinger, 1991),
p. 131, explains, "In order to get it finished as quickly as possible,
he gave the printers three manuscripts which he had to [sic, at] hand,
namely codex 2e (Gospels), 2ap (Acts and the Epistles) and 1r
(Revelation); and he simply used a few other manuscripts (1eap, 4ap,
7p) to make some slight alterations to the text.)"

These manuscripts (with their current Gregory numbers in parentheses
and dates) are located as follows (from Aland's KURZEGEFASSTE LISTE):

1eap (1),   XII cen.,    Basel, Univ. Bibl., A.N.IV.2
1r (2814),  XII cen.,    Ausburg, Univ. Bibl., Cod. I.1.4.1
2e (2),     XI/XII cen., Basel, Univ. Bibl., A.N.IV.1
2ap (2815), XII cen.,    Basel, Univ. Bibl., A.N.IV.4
4ap (2816), XV cen.,     Basel, Univ. Bibl., A.N.IV.5
7p (2817),  XI cen.,     Basel, Univ. Bibl., A.N.IV.11

Thus, all but one of Erasmus' Greek MSS are now found in Basel,
Switzerland, except for 1r=2814 of Revelation in Augsburg, Germany.

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