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Wayne Leman wleman at mcn.net
Mon May 8 21:42:42 EDT 2000

Paul, I was thinking of exactly the same kind of book a couple of days ago.
I'll keep an eye out for one like this. Besides the transparent examples
such as you listed, there are ones which are not so transparent but just as
historically valid, such as:

GNWSIS know, knowledge (g > k Grimm's Law sound shift)
PATHR father (p > f Grimm's Law shift), paternal

Having such a list of these "cognates" should make memorization of Greek
vocabulary easier. Of course, one must be wary of the cognates that don't
have exactly the same meaning, but, still, having lists like these gets us
in the ballpark for pedagogy (speaking of which!!)...

I'm not sure how useful such a list would be for technical terms in the
medical, theological, legal, linguistic, and various scientific fields,
because in many cases the English word is almost an exact transliteration of
the Greek etyma (pneumatology, christology, ecclesiology, phonology,
cardiology, etc.).

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>Does anybody know of a book that gives Greek words and their
>English derivatives?   I have often thought that such a book surely must
>exist but
>have not stumbled upon it just yet.  It would certainly be handy and
>You know of what I speak.  For instance, take PNEUMA (then pneumatics,
>pneumatology, etc.).
>Paul Dixon

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