Luke 1:18 / Luke 1:34 SAME QUESTION?

Steven Craig Miller scmiller at
Mon Dec 25 18:39:40 EST 2000

To: Revd Ben Crick,

The question was asked:
<< Luke 1:18 KATA TI GNWSOMAI TOUTO "How will I know this [for certain]? 
Luke 1:34 PWS ESTAI TOUTO "How can this be, (NASU) >>

RBC: << The former is asking for a miraculous Sign KATA TI he will know for 
certain that it will happen. He and his wife had been childless all their 
married life. Now they are too old; but not as old as Abraham and Sarah! 
The latter is asking a question of fact. Mary may have been a young virgin, 
but she knew something about paternity, and could not understand the 
message. >>

While your interpretation of this passage is interesting and entertaining, 
I'm hard pressed to see what it has to do with Greek grammar. If you have a 
grammatical point, I would like to hear it. But if you are simply 
rationalizing backwards from your interpretation of this passage, it 
wouldn't be fair to pretend that it is based on  a grammatical point.

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)
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