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On Sat 23 Dec 2000 (15:15:31 +1100), David McKay wrote:
> What books do you consider are the best for helping us to get a feel
> for Greek idioms? What would you buy if you could only buy one or two?
> Thanks for your input.

 Dear David,

 I have long had CFD Moule, /An Idiom Book of NT Greek/, Cambridge Uni Press,
 second edition, 1959.  Table of Chapter Headings:
 I     The Language of the NT
 II    The Tenses
 III   The Imperative, Subjunctive, and Optative Moods
 IV    The Voices
 V     Impersonal Verbs
 VI    Some Observations on the Cases
 VII   Prepositions; Improper Prespositions; Prepositions compounded with Verbs
 VIII  The Adjective
 IX    Participles
 X     The Definite Article
 XI    Pronouns
 XII   Observations on certain uses of the Infinitive
 XIII  Relative Clauses
 XIV   Commands, Prohibitions, Wishes
 XV    Final Clauses
 XVI   Consecutive Clauses
 XVII  Remarks on hINA and hWSTE
 XVIII Notes on hOTI
 XIX   Conditional Clauses
 XX    Indirect Speech
 XXI   Some uses of MH and OU
 XXII  Questions
 XXIII Some Observations on Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases and Particles
 XXIV  The Order of Words
 XXV   Semitisms
 XXVI  Latinisms
 XXVII Miscellaneous Notes on Style
       Notes and Corrections
 I     Index of Passages
 II    Index of Greek Words
 III   Index of Persons and Subjects

 I've not felt the need for any other. No doubt Listers will tell you of more
 recent books on the subject.

 Season's greetings,
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