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At 12:29 AM -0400 8/30/00, CWestf5155 at aol.com wrote:
>I guess that Rolf is suggesting that there is no pragmatic difference in
>saying "You were lacking in one thing" and "You lack one thing" or perhaps
>even "You lacked one thing" (throughout the process of your youth), since it
>amounts to the same state or information.  However, the full message involves
>more than the transfer of information.

I think this can be done in English as well; although the same essential
content is expressed in each of these, there is certainly a difference of
between the perspectives expressed inf:

"You're missing one thing" or "You're getting one thing wrong" (Greek present)
"You missed one thing" or "You got one thing wrong" (Greek aorist)
"There was one thing you missed" (Greek imperfect)
"One thing is definitely missing" (Greek perfect?)


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