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Wayne Leman wleman at mcn.net
Tue Aug 29 21:29:57 EDT 2000

Mike, a few books approaching Greek from the viewpoint of modern linguistic
theory are starting to appear. As you may know, one of them is:

Linguistics For Students of New Testament Greek, by professor David Alan
Black (Baker, 2nd edition, 1995)

Clay isn't fond of this book, but it does tie the study of Greek to the
stuff of linguistics, and that's good.

I've seen one or two other similar books that take a linguistic approach to
the study of Greek. Right now I forget their titles and authors, but I think
I've seen some in seminary bookstores.

I believe that the SIL center in Dallas regularly has taught courses in NT
Greek. I'm sure they would be linguistically oriented since that is the
mindset of all the SIL personnel. You might want to skim the SIL website
book sections to see if they have any pedagogical materials available:


And, Mike, when you become a Big Greek, you can, of course, write a better
book!  :)

a linguini and little g(r)eek myself
Wayne Leman
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> <climb on soapbox>
> First/Second year grammar should not set the student up for a fall


> Admittedly, I think the pedagogical model is just now entering into a
> transition toward a more linguistic base, so I am likely being strongly
> impatient with the many fine teachers and grammarians.  But, I for
> one, need it.  If my statements here help propel us along that trek,
> then Hallelujah.

> My intent above is to encourage, by expressing my desire, the many fine
> teachers, grammarians, and researchers who are on this list toward a more
> linguistically based Greek grammar model.  I sincerely think you are
> moving in the right direction.  Keep up the good work and ignore my
> impatience.  The tone of frustration above is done deliberatively and
> on purpose, but please do not think it is to convey disrespect.  It
> should not.

> Mike Sangrey

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