These two positions don't even seem close

Wayne Leman wleman at
Sun Aug 27 17:18:23 EDT 2000

Mark, I have sent a message to Dan Wallace, asking him to clarify his
position on Greek Aktionsart vis-a-vis that of Stan Porter. If he has the
time to answer, I'll forward it to you and the B-Greek list.

Wayne Leman
Bible translation site:

> I should have made my question clearer. Anyone surprised  :o P
> I realize, to some extent, the agreement with Wallace and Porter regarding
> Aktionsart. My interest is with Tense only. Regarding the Aorist Tense,
> Wallace says:

> Far be it from me to question Wayne, but I can not believe I have
> missed Wallace's disagreement with Porter regarding Tense.
> Please straighten me out.

About Greek or do you need other help?!!  :-)

 As you can see, I sometimes get a little impatient
>   *<[:O )---
> Thank you,
> Mark Wilson

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