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Wayne Leman wleman at
Sat Aug 26 16:37:51 EDT 2000

> Wayne,
> I wonder how many B-Greek readers went, as I did, to  your site after
> Carl mentioned it only to be disappointed by the fact that they are
> (unless subscribed) denied access to your site's archives?  You can, as
> I assume you know,

Actually, Jeffrey, I didn't know until your message. I immediately went and
changed the settings for the BT list so anyone can view the message archives
and posted files.

Carl, I decided to post a copy of this on B-Greek for those, like Jeffrey,
who needed this info. This will be the last message on this for now. "And
now we return you all to your regular programming, already in progress."

Thanks for the tip,
Wayne Leman
Bible translation discussion list website:
Bible translation site:

> make the archives public and still keep posting
> privileges limited to subscribers. Have you thought of doing this? I
> certainly would like to see what's going on without becoming a member
> (I'm on too many Lists as it is!), and I'm sure others would too.
> Yours,
> Jeffrey
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