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David McKay musicke at
Sat Aug 26 04:19:43 EDT 2000

At my request, Hampton Keathley, one of the honchos on the NET Bible
project, has kindly posted zip files of the individual Bible files in the
NET Bible at
If you click on Download Old Testament Word Docs or Downoad New Testament
Word Docs, you will receive OT or NT zip files which, when downloaded, will
extract individual Bible book files, enabling you to use the NET Bible in
handy Bible book format, and enabling you to print Word docs for personal

The files are new and updated and are great for Bible study. I have just
finished using the old Jude file in a Greek NT study with my pastor. We have
now begun the Johannine Epistles.

I enjoy using the NET Bible offline, which you can download, if you scroll
down and click on Download the HTML NETBible. But sometimes it is nice to
get away from the computer, and take a few pages outside and sit in the
garden and read!

Thanks, Hampton!
David McKay
musicke at

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