UBS 4th ed w/dictionary for $4.99 at CBD

myron kauk myronkauk at
Fri Aug 25 12:29:40 EDT 2000

I placed an order yesterday at $4.99 + 3.50 shipping and it was accepted.
(My hard copy 2nd edition has seen plenty of use and was due to be

I was told today that it was backordered and would ship in early October.  I
expect it at the same price.

Also, I received in the mail today my printed copy of the Fall catalog with
the $4.99 price.  The item # is AK56494.  I suppose they can always claim it
was a typo but I expect you will be able to get it at $4.99.

Grace be with you,

Myron C. Kauk
myronkauk at

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