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At 13:11 23/08/00, Wieland Willker wrote:

>What are the plural forms of PUR?
>What is the difference between PUR and PURA/PURH? Is PUR always singular and
>PURA always plural: TA PURA?
>What is the dative plural? PURSIN? PURASIN? PURAIS?

The ( fairly rudimentary ) vocab. in the JACT "Reading Greek" gives:

PUR, TO     fire
PURA, TA   fire signal
PURA  hH   funeral pyre

If you go back to Perseus and consult Smyth under the rubric of irregular 
( s. 254 and 285.25 ) you will find it listed as PUR, PUROS, PURI  etc. ( 
2nd. decl )
OTOH, the JACT book classifies it as 3b, i.e the endings of PRAGMA  -- the 
results are the same, of course:  PUR, PUROS, PURI etc.



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