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> I think you got to the answer I was looking for in spite of my rather
> dense question. I personally don't think EKKLHSIA had a specifically
> religious tone in the NT but was wondering if it might have developed one
> toward the end of the first century.

 In my humble opinion, EKKLHSIA began to be used for "church" when qualified as
 hH KURIAKH EKKLHSIA: the Lord's Assembly. It refers to the congregation
 gathered, not to the building in which they assembled. Later, by Synechdoche,
 the container for the contents, it began to connote the "Building" rather
 than the "congregation".

 KURIAKH has come into our language as Church; into German as Kirche.
 EKKLHSIA has come into French as E/glise.

 I'll stop before I get carried further away from the realms of b-greek...

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