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I lack the expertise of most of the members of this list, but it seems to me
that it may be nearly impossible to separate "religious influence" on
language from culture itself.

It's certainly true that when Greek-speaking Jews began to use ekklhsia to
translate the Hebrew equivalents, it took on a different meaning, at least
for the Hellenistic Jewish community.

in all due respect to Jim West's remarks, even if we try to use a more
apparently "neutral" term, like "assembly," recall that it may depend on the
audience, particularly in the United States

Assembly of God
The United States in Congress Assembled
Assembly line
General Assembly

Does the word not carry a religious, or political, or legal, or economic
connotation depending on context and audience? Does "General Assembly" have
more of a "religious" overtone for a Presbyterian than for a
Congregationalist? Similarly, I think the same problem occurred with the
development of the early Church.

Hope that's helpful.

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> At 12:26 PM 8/22/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >I'm interested in getting your thoughts on the best translation for
> I am personally partial to the word "assembly"- which is, in any event,
> the word means.  This term is neutral and allows the reader to interpret
> contextually without the religious baggage associated with the word
> >I would particularly like to know what effect the members of this
> >list think the use of this word in a religious context (referring to
> >people) may have had on the development of the meaning of the word in the
> >language as a whole.
> Im not sure I know what you mean here.  Could you say it again?
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