Reading Greek, other than biblical.

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At 2:58 PM +0100 8/21/00, Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:
>On the IOUDAIOS-L list, Jane Harper recently posed this question:
> >>
>I am, as they say over on B-Greek, a Little Greek, and what I have I
>don't want to lose, but I'd rather work on something other than the
>Greek NT.  My two candidates at this point are Philo's "Questions on
>Genesis" and Josephus' Antiquities.  Which, in your opinion, would be a
>better choice?
>This produced quite a number of interesting, and knowledgeable, replies.
>If Jane is currently reading this list, perhaps she could summarise these
>for us?
>otherwise, the archives are available at:
>Start on Aug 19 with the "thread"  Re: Strange Question,
>Unfortunately, it then switches to " Reading Philo or Josephus?" and yet
>again changes to: " Reading Jewish- Hellenistic Greek "

Interesting indeed, particularly Jim West's comment "(who, btw, [says Steve
Mason} never stirs up apathy)" to the effect that "Josephus is more
interesting and Philo will only give you a headache." Josephus is certainly
easier to read, as narrative is generally easier than exposition or
discussion. I'll agree too that Philo "will give you a headache," but I
think the effort to read Philo is well repaid. As for what's interesting,
chacun à son goût: I found the treatise on the creation narratives (De
Opificio Mundi) fascinating for what it shows of Hellenistic Jewish
interpretation of those first three chapters of Genesis.


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