Son of Man

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Thu Aug 17 16:18:47 EDT 2000

Dear b-greekers:

Everyone seems to think hO hUIOS TOU ANQROWPOU as a title for Jesus Christ has some profound meaning to specify Him as
a heavenly person. I do NOT believe this is correct. I have an interpretation which seems to me to be simple, elegant,
and basic to the biblical text (not derived from some convoluted theological thinking).

I believe it is the antithesis of His title hO hUIOS TOU QEOU. As "the Son of God", Jesus was begotten in a unique
manner apart from creation and adoption; As QEOS, in the spiritual realm He has a link to the Father closely akin to
that of a human father and son.

In contrast, hO hUIOS TOU ANQRWPOU "the Son of the human being" (meaning "Son of mankind", not "Son of Man" which is
confusing with TOU ANDROS) means a human boy born with a genetic link to the rest of humanity,  And that is ALL it
means; nothing more profound than that!  He did not just appear in human form, but was a human being in every physical
respect we are. 

There are parallels to this interpretation. A few years back I was corresponding with a Hebrew translator concerning
the phrase "daughters of ostriches" in Micah chapter 1 (used figuratively here). He's an extremely literal translator,
but he had translated the Hebrew phrase simply as "ostriches" because of a commentary he had read. Since "ostriches" is
a feminine noun, "daughters of ostriches" essentially means the same as "ostriches"; but the longer phrase does have
something important that the shorter lacks: Expressing the genetic link to the species!

Does that sound too simple?

Dennis Hukel
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