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I made some errors which should be corrected:

> J. D. G. Dunn's "The Beginnings of
> Christianity,"  2nd ed. Eerdmans 1989, pages 65-98

Should read 

 J. D. G. Dunn's "The Beginnings of Christology,"  2nd ed. Eerdmans 1989,
pages 65-98

I also made an error or two quoting Fitzmyer:

>Because the peculiar Greek arthrous phrase  hO hUIOS hO ANQRWPOS

Should read

>Because the peculiar Greek arthrous phrase  hO hUIOS TOU ANQRWPOU

Fizmyer's article on the Son of Man is also found in  "A Wandering Aramean"
Scholars Press 1979 which was later published as a combined book in "The
Semitic Background of the NT" Eerdmans 1997. This article is fairly short
and worth reading if you don't get bothered by lots of unpointed Hebrew and

The thing that struck me most about Fitzmyer was that there is more than a
20 year gap between this article in "A Wandering Aramean" and his statements
in "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins" and he could still make the
statement "The titular use of "Son of Man," such as one finds for Jesus in
the NT, is still without a parallel in the Qumran texts . . ."  The more I
read of Fitzmyer the more I am convinced that the guy must have something
like a photographic memory.

I took a look at some major works on John's Apocalypse to see if they would
mention any pagan Greek sources for  hUION ANQRWPOU in Apoc. 1:13. I checked
the commentaries by W. B. Swete, R. H. Charles, D. Aune, and G. Beale. None
of them mentioned any non-Jewish extrabiblical sources in reference to
hUION ANQRWPOU. The best discussion was found in D. Aune (vol. 1 WBC).

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