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At 17:49 11/08/00, Robert R Monti wrote:
>I need some help. I'm trying to get some in-depth information on the
>meaning of AUQENTEIN in 1 Tim. 2:12. Unfortunately, Kittel and BAGD have
>been of surprisingly little use (I guess this is due to the fact that
>this verse is the only one where AUQENTEW appears in the NT). Anybody
>have any suggestions on what sort of extra-biblical sources I could
>consult? I haven't had the chance to check the Septuagint.

It doesn't appear in the LXX at all.

I am sorry I sent incorrect information to Maurice A. O'Sullivan (I
believe off list) the following appears in the Apocrypha not the

I tried a search with my Logos software and found AUQENTIAN in the
Apocrypha – Maccabees 2:29, and AUQENTIAN in Wisdom of Solomon 12:6


Anthony Mele
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