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At 01:58 11/08/00, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>I would suggest therefore that, one ought less to suppose that one
>characterized as YEUD- or YEUDO- necessarily lacks sincerity, but rather
>one ought to emphasize that such a person or thing lacks integrity or
>authenticity or veracity

Yes, Carl I am in full agreement with that -- and would cite Louw-Nida:

In rendering YEUDODISASKALOS , it is important to avoid an expression which 
will simply mean that a person pretends to be a teacher and is not. What is 
important here is that the individual teaches what is not true.

A further point --- given the generally (?) accepted late date of 
composition of 2 Peter, and the fact that Ignatius of Antioch (d. c110 
)  declared ( Eph. 3,2 ):
I have therefore taken upon me first to exhort you that ye would all run 
together in accordance with the will of God. For even Jesus Christ, our 
inseparable life, is the [manifested] will of the Father; as also bishops, 
settled everywhere to the utmost bounds [of the earth], are so by the will 
of Jesus Christ.

I think that any concern about the sincerity or otherwise of those who 
proposed YEUDIDASKALOS would have been the last thing to be considered by 
the author of 2 Peter.

"Sincerity" in this sense is a very modern concern, akin to our 
contemporary pre-occupation with plagiarism -- for the ancients, an 
incomprehensible notion.



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