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Thu Aug 10 12:19:13 EDT 2000

In advance, I apologize for the length of this question.
Someone asked me about YEUDOS when it functions 
as an adjective in YEUDODIDASKALOS.

BAG says that YEUDADELFOS refers to one who 
pretends to be a Christian brother...

YEUDAPOSTOLOS is one who represents himself to be
an apostle without the divine commission necessary for the

YEUDOLOGOS is one who speaks falsely, lying...

YEUDOMARTUREW is the act of giving false testimony...

YEUDOMARTUS is one who gives false testimony...

YEUDOPROFHTHS is one who falsely claims to be a 
prophet of God or who prophesies falsely...

YEUDOCRISTOS is one who, in lying fashion, gives
himself out to be the Christ...

YEUDWNUMOS is falsely bearing a name...

YEUDOS means lie or falsehood.

YEUDODIDASKALOS is a false teacher, prob. 
one who teaches falsehoods, 2 Pt.2:1.    

1. Since the NT usage unanimously appears to
imply a lack of sincerity on the part of one who 
is YEUDO[something], is it legitimate to assume
that the YEUDODIDASKALOS is insincere-- one 
who cannot be sincerely mistaken in his teaching?   
In otherwords, may/must we assume that the 
YEUDODIDASKALOS is a liar (i.e., one with an
evil motive)?

2. Or, is this something that cannot be decided by
the customary use of the adjective in the NT, but
must be decided entirely on the basis of its context 
in 2 Pt.2:1?

Thanks for your help.

Rick Duggin
Murfreesboro, TN

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