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Thanks for saying a few words on this topic.

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> By the by, I always think that 'paragraph level', should always be used with
> caution--when we have these discussions of where to break or where to indent,
> we run close to confusing the translation with the text.

"Paragraph" as it is used in my discussion is not related to translation at
all. "Paragraph" is a high level discourse constituent in the Greek text
which is defined recursively (as we have agreed upon previously) so that a
"Paragraph" may included subordinate paragraphs and so forth down to N
levels. In the scheme of nomenclature I am using paragraph is the next step
up from the clause in the discourse constituent structure. I make no use of
the notion sentence since several years back we tried to define sentence on
this list and Micheal Palmer made a very credible attempt at a definition
but I still find it a troublesome concept. Clause is also a recursive
constituent, clauses can contain clauses down to N levels.


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