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Johann Radax cecitor at impsat.net.ec
Sun Aug 6 17:54:25 EDT 2000

>>   I am having some difficulty with a phrase in Eph. 4.16. Evidently, I am
>>not the only one, since NIV, RSV, and NKJV all translate the phrase
>>differently. I would appreciate help with: KAT ENERGEIAN EN METRW hENOS
>>hEKASTOU MEROUS. Such simple words. Thanks!
>>Gordon Goltz

Mr. Goltz:

I understand that you are asking as to the different translations of the
Greek Text of Eph. 4:16.
In Spanish, the same thing happens, like in any other language. The idea is
to stick to the best comprehension of what the Writer wants to convey, and
so it comes that in one and the same language different versions appear.
When a translation is very literal, the reading of that version is very
"tiresome". In the same way, the version(s) have to adjust themselves to the
various cultural layers, etc., this originates the use of synonyms. I hope
that this is what your inquiry is about.
Braulio Barillas
parakal at quetzal.net

>Señor Goltz:
>Entiendo que está preguntando, sobre las diferentes traducciones que hacen
>al Texto Griego de Ef. 4:16.
>En español sucede lo mismo al igual que en todos los idiomas.  La idea es
>ajustarse a la mejor comprensión de lo que el Escritor nos quiere
>de allí es que en un mismo idioma surjan diferentes versiones. Cuando la
>traducción es muy literal, la versión es de lectura "cansada". Así  mismo
>la(s)versiones deben ajustarse a los diferentes estratos culturales, esto,
>da lugar al uso de sinónimos. Espero sea esta su inquietud
>Braulio Barillas
>parakal at quetzal.net
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