Romans 8:8-9, was Discourse Analysis (computer model)

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on 08/04/00 11:09 AM, Eric Weiss wrote:

> By the way, I ran into my old Greek teacher at a bookstore. He still thinks
> Beekman and Callow, The Semantic Structure of Written Communication, is the
> best book on DA.

Perhaps your "old Greek teacher" has gotten a little behind on his reading.
If my memory serves me correctly the first edition of Beekman and Callow is
now about 20 years old. DA has exploded in the last 10 years and even though
I found  Beekman and Callow well worth taking the time to read, I think it
should not be currently considered "the best work on DA."

Of course this sort of a judgement is highly subjective and presupposes the
notion that we are making some sort of "progress" in our understanding of
these matters. This notion of "progress" in biblical studies in general is
one which I find most amusing. As post enlightnement rationalism and
naturalism has come to dominate biblical studies I suspect that a good
argument could be made that we have not seen any progress in the last
several hundred years but precisely the opposite.

But that is not a topic for b-greek so I will cease and desist before I call
down the wrath of gods on my head.

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