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At 16:41 04/08/00, Mark Wilson wrote:
>1 Cor. 7:11
>“But if she does depart”
>I can not understand why CWRISQHi is translated as an Active when it is a 
>Passive from CWRIZW.
In one word -- idiom.

Here is part of the entry from BAGD
pass.—a. separate (oneself) , be separated of divorce . Oft. in marriage 
contracts in the pap.

In English, does one say " those two people divorced a year ago " , or " 
they were divorced a year ago " ?

BTW, I wonder from which translation you are taking " depart " --- all four 
I cite below choose the idea of "separation" rather than a neutral " depart 
" ( very much in accord with the BAGD listing )

   (but if she does separate, NRSV
   should not separate from her husband 7:11 (but if she does, RSV
or if she has already left him,  NJB
-and if she does separate  NAB
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