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> I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on the two participles that
> come in the second half of Heb. 10:22.

> Am I correct in seeing these two participles as causal?

Are you correct, maybe. Is it possible that they are causal, yes. Is it
likely, I would think so.
The exhortations in this section would seem to call for a reason or ground
for the action of drawing near. The opening participle of v.19 EXONTES would
seem to be a summary or inference drawn from the previous portion(s) of the
letter. These two participles, while they could be resultative of the
drawing near, or the means by which we draw near, would seem to be more
likely understood as the reason for the readers to perform the action. (see
major translations RSV "with our hearts sprinkled clean" opts for the means
or manner/attitude; NASB is non-committal as usual; NET Bible "because we
have had our hearts sprinkled clean" views it as causal).

> To what do these participles refer?
Grammatically they modify PROSERXWMEQA

> Does it refer to the cleansing we receive at salvation?
This is a theological question of interpretation and might best be avoided
on this discussion group. The context though does seem to suggest that it is
connected with what the believer has in her/his association with Jesus.

> How are the two related to each other?
The KAI would seem to place them in parallel thought both modifying the main
verb PROSERXWMEQA, though it is possible that the latter could modify the
first participle, thus "we have been cleansed because/when/by we have been
washed." Though parallel causals seems more probable.

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