Discourse Analysis (computer model)

Rob Matlack rmatlack at juno.com
Wed Aug 2 09:40:10 EDT 2000

Tim Mills wrote:
> I know that Hermeneutica BibleWorks 4 will identify and locate any 
> combination of words and/or tenses that you can logically specify 
> through 
> it's "advanced functions."  I have been using it for about a year 
> for simpler 
> searches on words, tenses, and forms.  I have yet to do complex 
> searches with 
> it, simply because I have not yet devoted the time to learn the 
> capacities of 
> the system by digging through the owners manual.  The program does 
> come with 
> tutorials, which are worth going through more than once, especially 
> for the 
> learner/new owner of the program.
> A major drawback to this Bible program/system is it's expense at 
> over $450 
> per copy.

Better prices are out there. This from another list yesterday. I hope it
doesn't violate our guidelines.
To my knowledge the best deal on BibleWorks is from Rejoice Christian
Software. You can get BW for $299 plus they throw in the NET Bible (a $40
value) for free. The address is www.rejoicesoftware.com.

I sell the software for $299.95.  That includes shipping!
Contact steveservce at juno.com  or call me at (757) 285-9398 and I will
ship a copy right out.

I have no interest here, just a happy user of BW for several years.

BTW, I am not sure I have followed all the discussion on DA, but it seems
to me that this is similar to much that I was taught in seminary 20 years
ago. Back then we called it the hermeneutical spiral -- moving from whole
to parts and back and forth -- developing statement of authorial intent
for each section of the book from paragraphs up which had to account for
all aspects such as grammar, syntax, structural markers, literary devices
such as inclusio, historical setting, lexical analysis, etc. If it didn't
fit you had not properly interpreted. I think it is considered bad form
by many on the list, but I find sentence diagraming and gramatical
layouts to be a helpful part of this.

Am I way off or are we in the same ballpark?

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