Mounce: Enough already?

S.D. & J.A. Mannix q4402112 at
Tue Nov 30 18:54:07 EST 1999

Thank you for your rudeness.

Was it necessary to rebuke me publicly
as well as privately?

I'm sorry for expressing a point of view.

Steve Mannix
q4402112 at

At 16:56 1/12/99 -0600, you wrote:
>At 8:51 PM +1100 11/30/99, S.D. & J.A. Mannix wrote:
>>The issue of Mounce seems to me
>>to be a storm in a tea-sup.
>>It is a natural thing to draw conclusions
>>about the meanings of texts when studying
>>them in the original languages. After all,
>>isn't that what we are meant to be doing?
>>I haven't ever gotten the impression that
>>Mounce is trying force his interpretations
>>upon me, but I do appreciate the fact that
>>he is thought-provoking.
>>I certainly prefer Mounce to Wuest who seems
>>bent on forcing the text to prove his view points.
>I honestly think we've had enough of this, haven't we? Some of it has
>actually concerned reasons why we like or don't like a particular text, but
>is there really anything more to be said about Mounce's _Basics of Biblical
>Greek_ that hasn't been said by now (other than to fess up just who likes
>it and who doesn't?)
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