Mounce's first year grammar

Tue Nov 30 16:50:46 EST 1999

With respect to the vignettes at the beginning of each chapter, I think it is 
an excellent presentation of how Greek exegesis can and does work in a very 
practical manner.  However, my complaint with Mounce's grammar has to do with 
the overall "attitude" expressed in the book, which is one of patronization.  

I have been teaching Greek for over twelve years, and I have primarily used 
Summers' grammar.  The arrogance and patronizing attitude expressed in 
Mounce's book is the first thing that struck me.  It was as though every 
grammar before his has been woefully deficient, and he has finally come along 
to correct all the wrongs (it reminds me somewhat of the Corinthians' 
attitude that Paul addressed: "Was it from you that the word of God first 
went forth?  Or has it come to you only?"  I get the distinct impression that 
he believes the "true" Greek grammar "has come to him only!)  As I looked 
through his grammar in a cursory manner, I found not only numerous typo 
errors and entries, but I also found some major contradictions (e.g., the 
middle voice is not reflexive but only intensive, and yet he gives paradigms 
of the middle with a reflexive translation, etc.).  

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