Mounce's first year grammar

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At 02:58 PM 11/30/99 -0600, Michael Burer wrote:

>Of course you may say that they are "irritating" or "distracting" because 
>you do not agree with the overall theological stance Mounce has taken, but 
>I may also say they are encouraging and helpful because I do agree with 
>his stance and that helps me stay dedicated to the task of learning Greek. 
>At the very least, the Exegetical Insights show Greek in action, and 
>whether you agree or not with the resultant interpretation, seeing Greek 
>in action is a helpful aspect of any grammar.

My biggest problem with the vignettes was not the theological conclusions, 
which I largely agreed with, but the general deductive approach taken, 
using the Greek text to defend theological orthodoxy.  In some cases I did 
not feel that the Greek text actually made the point that was being drawn 
from it, even though I agreed with the point itself.

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