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At 1:26 PM -0800 11/30/99, Frank J. Schmuck wrote:
>I noticed that this string is somewhat dead.  After the first mention of
>Machen there was no more.  I was wondering if someone could contrast Machen
>and Mounce relative to first year grammer.
>Many thanks

There was a lengthy and rather useful thread on Greek textbooks (mostly NT
Greek) running from March 4 through March 9 of 1994; many of the textbooks
discussed then (but not A.K.M. Adams' new one) are still very much in use,
and those really interested can read a broad range of views on the
available textbooks there.

My own view on Machen is that it is very old-fashioned; it relies upon
made-up Greek and English sentences, some of them rather questionable, as a
primary method of practicing newly-learned principles; worst of all, it is
being sold at an obscene price for what it's worth. My view of Mounce is
that the grammatical explanations are pretty good, but unless one is using
Mounce's own workbook, there's some problem in his sequence of topics in
relationship to reading practice in NT texts; furthermore, unless one is of
the same theological persuasion, his "exegetical examples" are rather
distracting and problematic.

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