EIS TON AIWNA *outside* the NT?

Rodney J. Decker rdecker at bbc.edu
Mon Nov 29 13:09:33 EST 1999

I need to evaluate the use of the common NT/LXX idiom EIS TON AIWNA (and 
the plural, EIS TOUS AIWNAS, and the double plural, EIS TOUS AIWNAS TWN 
AIWNWN) in classical Greek literature. It is my impression from the 
secondary literature that this is not a common expression outside biblical 
Greek, but I would like to either verify or disprove that assumption. (BAGD 
[27], e.g., cites it in only Isocrates and Diodorus Siculus.)

Would anyone who has access to TLG be willing to run a search for me?

This is for a publication project, so I do need a fairly careful search, 
not a hasty glance. If so, please contact me off list.

Does anyone know of any relevant discussion of this matter (journals, 
monographs, etc.)?



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