(off topic) Texas is the king of the "mispronounced" place names (was Re: BAGD2)

Nichael Cramer nichael at sover.net
Mon Nov 29 12:37:08 EST 1999

>When it comes to "mispronounced" place names, Texas is king. [...]

The main drag, Guadalupe beside the main UT campus in Austin is, of course,
pronounced "GWAH-duh-loop".

>A yankee woman was traveling through Texas by car, [...joke deleted...]

When I was in school in Indiana, a newly imported grad student was going
through the yellow pages trying to find an apartment.  She eventually
called "Hoosier Courts", asking the woman answering the phone if "...is
this  HOOS-ee-AY courts?"

>>>>*BTW, trivia note: I was in Boston this week and discovered that
>>is not pronounced at all as one would think from seeing it written. The
>>"locals" pronounce it "Pea'-ba-dee"  [...]

Also pronounced unbelievably quickly.  When done properly (e.g. as by the
local radio announcers) it rhymes with "Bibbidy", as in the Walt Disney
tune "Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!"

I lived in Boston (well, Cambridge, actually) for several years before I
finally figured out where the heck the Caypandee Islands were...


[OK, one last Boston story.  Several years back the Revere (IIRC) school
board passed a motion decreeing that no one could teach English in their
schools who "had an accent".  This led to widespread ridicule and the
editorial page of the Boston Globe was flooded with letters.   One, in
particular, noted that when she had been a student her teacher, when
describing homonyms gave, as an example, the pair "orphan" and "often".]
Nichael Cramer

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