First year grammar

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Mon Nov 29 12:21:32 EST 1999

Oh, yes, another pet peeve:  the word "ain't."  "Ain't" literally means
"am not" and it is therefore technically correct to say "I ain't" or
"ain't I" but because some anal-retentive bishop in the late Middle Ages
(or thereabouts) thought the contraction was used incorrectly by people
saying "he ain't" meaning literally "he am not," he said  the word "ain't"
was always incorrect.  He was wrong.  In the South, the word "ain't" is
used for emphasis, as in "I ain't" gonna do something.  I wonder if
Hebrew teachers ever taught  their students that certain Hebrew words or
phrases were incorrect?   Does the Talmud ever speak of such things?

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